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ALTAF was born in Baroda 1942, Altaf Mohammedi, better known as Altaf, studied art in England. He began exhibiting in 1970 and since then he has participated in several exhibitions internationally and in India including: The creative process at the guild Mumbai in 1999, Artists from India and Pakistan at Martini Gallery Hong Kong in 1998, The Glenbarra Art Museum Collection at NGMA Delhi in 1997, VI Painting Biennale at Bharat Bhavan Bhopal in 1996, Sakshi Gallery Mumbai in 1993 & 1995, an exhibition in aid of Latur earthquake victims at Baroda in 1993 and a retrospective at Jehangir Art Gallery in 1988. On the occasion of his 60th birthday in August 2002, the Sakshi Gallery Mumbai presented an "Altaf in Retrospective". He lives and works in Mumbai