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At Gallery Beyond, we respect the privacy of our customers. In a bid to ensure that this privacy is protected, we have a policy that disallows sharing, selling, renting or circulation of any personal information given by you. Your email and postal address will be used to deliver magazines, newsletters and other promotional material you may have requested. Nevertheless, permission to use this information will be solicited and specific usage explained.

We endorse your right to privacy, and maintain that preserving your privacy is our responsibility.


All the information provided by the client is held in strictest confidence. Only the employees of Gallery Beyond would have access to your e-mail id.


In our attempts to deliver top quality goods and services to our clientele, we require certain customer details, at the minimum, for purposes of identification. While registration requires an e-mail address, purchases require more details viz. complete name, address, telephone number(s) and credit card information. Information from the registration form is automatically transcribed in the event of any subsequent commercial transaction. It is our recommendation that the registration form be filled as completely and accurately as possible.

Upon successful registration, you will have your own username and password, which will grant you free access to all the features of the portal. At the time of billing or in response to inquiries, registered users will have the additional benefit of sharing supplementary information about themselves, that we may further customise our services to meet your needs.

We are committed to maintaining and upholding your privacy. Please contact us at with your queries.


Upholding the security of your privacy is the guiding tenet behind our every attempt to meet your consumer requirements.

As a result, your information is completely private and confidential with us

Rest assured, information you provide Gallery Beyond as a registered user is never shared with any individual or third party unless you explicitly inform us to do so.

This information assists us in serving your needs better and renders your interaction with our portal more exclusive and satisfying.

We are committed to maintaining and upholding your privacy. Please contact us at with your queries.